MetroCare Membership Program:

Today’s medical care is of a higher quality and saves more lives than ever before. But it is also increasingly expensive. Metro-Area Ambulance Service (MAAS) hopes you will never hesitate to call 911 because you are worried about an ambulance bill. That’s why MAAS offers affordable, easy-to-apply-for family memberships. MAAS is committed to serving you and your family. MAAS has only one mission: to be there with top-quality medical help when you and your family most need it. 

The MetroCare Membership program is an official program of MAAS which offsets the cost of emergency medical responses. Without the Membership Program, one emergency call can cost you hundreds of dollars. Annual membership provides for the prepayment of co-payments and deductibles for medically necessary ambulance services for which the patient has financial responsibility. MetroCare Membership also provides for a reduced fee for nonemergency transportation that is not covered by insurance. MetroCare Membership is not an insurance policy or supplement.

  • You must have insurance to participate in Metrocare
  • This agreement is between Metro-Area Ambulance Service, Inc. and you. It is not an insurance agreement or intended to be a substitute for insurance.

Description of Membership And Fee:

As a member of the MetroCare Membership Program you will not be charged for any medically necessary emergency or non-emergency care and ambulance transportation to and from any hospital within the 15 mile radius boundary of Bismarck-Mandan during the term of this agreement. The annual fee for membership is $50.00 per household. Household is defined as husband and wife and children under the age of 21.

Effective Date:

Your annual membership will run from 10 days after receipt of your application through the start date of the following year. Coverage is effective 10 days after receipt of your signed application, membership fee, and acceptance by Metro-Area Ambulance Service, Inc.

What Services Are Provided?

Medically necessary response, care and transportation is provided from any location within a 15mile radius of Bismarck-Mandan where there is a need for ambulance transportation and where the use of alternative forms of transportation (e.g wheelchair transports ,private car, taxi)would be medically inappropriate given your medical condition. Non-covered no transport/lift assist response: Each member will be allowed 1non-covered no transport/lift assist response per membership year resulting in no out of pocket cost to the member. Subsequent non-covered no transport/lift assist responses will be billed at a reduced rate. Metro-Area Ambulance Service, Inc. reserves the right to make final determinations of medical necessity. You will be responsible for the cost of any non-medically necessary transports/responses as determined by Metro, your insurance carrier or third-party payer.

Eligibility/Persons Covered:

The services are provided to you, your spouse, your dependent children under the age of 21 years. These individuals must be regularly living in your residence and be listed on your membership application. 
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